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Why "Amish Blatz?"

So what do Bonnie and Phil Troyer, owners of this fine establishment, have to do with the Amish? The Troyers and Yoders (Bonnie's maiden name) are families with deep roots in Mennonite and Amish traditions. Phil and Bonnie are members of Asheville Mennonite Church, and they only need to look back two generations to find their Amish roots.

Both the Amish and Mennonites are Anabaptist Christians who are pacifist people with a long history of farming and living off the land. While most Amish have shunned modern conveniences including electricity, motorized vehicles, and modern fashions in their peaceful rural existence, most Mennonites have integrated into general society. Mennonites still hold peaceful living and service to others in high esteem. Ask Phil and Bonnie about the Mennonite Disaster Service, MCC or other services and service opportunities offered by Mennonite Church USA.

The Troyers have always admired the fine craftsmanship of Amish and Mennonite artisans, so they decided to open this "Blatz" (translated as "place" in Pennsylvania German) as an outlet for their work. They travel regularly to Amish communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Indiana to bring their quality products to you.

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